A Hundred Miles Off by Walkmen

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Condition: Very gently played, one owner, like new
Label: Record Collection
Label: Record Collection

Why so expensive? Sometimes the most valuable records aren't the "Thrillers" or some dime-a-dozen Elvis record of the world, they are the records pressed when the vinyl medium sales were at all-time lows, like this 2006 release from The Walkmen. Includes Louisiana, All Hands and the Cook, Lost In Boston, Danny's at the Wedding, and others. The record and the sleeve are like brand new. It's probably been played less than 20 times and has had just one owner. For a point of reference, as of this writing, the lowest price available on Discogs is $100 and from previous sales, the MEDIAN price of this record is $64.00. For any other inquiries or photos on this LP, please send us an email or DM on one of the socials.