Let It Be - The Beatles

Let It Be by The Beatles

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Condition: Gently Used
Label: Apple (Red Label)
Label: Apple (Red Label)

The end. The last record The Beatles released as a group. One of the more endearing things about this record that often gets overlooked is the banter in-between songs. "She's a picker", "Oh my soul", "Hold it!" Remember when Let It Be... Naked was released about 10 years ago? Why did they not put these little bits of Beatle history on the reissue? Sure, take away the Phil Spector strings but why take off "she thought she was a frying pan"? In any event, here is an original "Let It Be" by The Beatles. This is the gatefold release with the Red Label (as opposed to green) on Apple Records. Replace your old copy, your CD, with an original release from 1970."And in my hour of darkness . . ."