Prison Oval Rock - Barrington Levy

Prison Oval Rock by Barrington Levy

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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: Volcano Records
Label: Volcano Records

Fabulous reggae record from Barrington Levy. Includes the title track, as well as, "Prison Oval Dub", "Good Loving", "Rip and Run Off", "Robber Man", "Hammer", "Stray Away Girl" and others. Produced by Henry "Junjo" Lawes and recorded at Channel One. We have a modest Regga/World bin here at Rediscover Records, this is where you will find this LP. According to the back jacket, this LP is distributed at VP Records in Jamaica, NY; Randy's Records in Kingston, Jamaica; Jet Star Records in London, England. Let's add Rediscover Records to that list! Done.Note: If buying this record from our site and you are outside of the continental United States, we will have to add an additional international shipping charge/insurance (optional) that we can take care of back channel via email. Thank you.