Kung Fu Meets the Dragon - Lee Perry

Kung Fu Meets the Dragon by Lee Perry

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Label: Justice League
Label: Justice League
Arguably one of the greatest reggae records of all time and is a Top 10 seller all-time in Jamaica. Lee Perry Meets the Dragon! The cover is almost worth the price of admission alone. Includes "Heart of the Dragon",  "Hold Them Kung Fu", "Black Belt", "Iron Fist", and the great lead track, "Enter the Dragon". Produced by Lee Perry. Here are the list of musicians appearing on this record:BACKED BY: The UpsettersBASS: Boris GardinerDRUMS: Boo Richards, BenbowLEAD GUITAR: ChinnaHORNS: Bobby Ellis, Dirty HarryPIANO: E. SterlingPERCUSSION: Lee Perry, SkullyMELODICA: Augustus Pablo