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Dig Thy Savage Soul - Barrence Whitfield & the Savages

Dig Thy Savage Soul by Barrence Whitfield & the Savages

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Label: Bloodshot Records
Label: Bloodshot Records
Easily a front runner for best release of 2013 for us at Rediscover Records. This blistering set of songs by Boston native Barrence Whitfield will restore your faith in barroom R&B music. As the LP sticker says, "A soul screamer of the highest order. The Savages lay down a groovy racket so thick and greasy, you'll need a moist towlette near the Hi-Fi".Includes "The Corner Man", "Bread", "Blackjack", "Show Me Baby", and "Sugar". Also includes a MP3 of the entire record. Get this, you will not be disappointed. Think Stax, think Motown, but amped up past 11. By the way, the Savages here are no way to be confused with the indie rock darlings, Savages. Something tells us these Savages are more the true definition of the word itself."Rock Royalty" -The Boston Herald