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Metamodern Sounds In Country Music - Sturgill Simpson

Metamodern Sounds In Country Music by Sturgill Simpson

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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: High Top Mountrain
Label: High Top Mountrain

This ain't no cottdam Bro Country, y'all. A country music record for those who pine for those old lonesome sounds of a great country song. This one has it and more. There are other artists, like Whitey Morgan and labels like Bloodshot and This Is American Music, who are making modern country records that don't involve slick abs and dancing girls. Includes "The Promise", "A Little Light", "Life of Sin", "Voices", "Long White Line" and "Turtles All The Way Down". Find this in our New Vinyl bins if you are shopping at Rediscover Records. If buying online, use our secure "BuyNow" button and pay through your PayPal account! Thanks for your support and patronage of Rediscover Records.