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Girlfriend - Matthew

Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet

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Label: Plain Recordings
Label: Plain Recordings

After toiling in obscurity for a couple albums, Matthew Sweet hit the jackpot with the early 1990's release of "Girlfriend". Pure pop bliss with songs like "I've Been Waiting" and Beatle-esque influences with songs like "Divine Intervention", "Girlfriend", and "Thought I Knew You". Produced by Fred Maher and Matthew Sweet, this is the recent reissue. Replace that CD you have or the digital copy with this pristine vinyl copy. It's 180 gram vinyl, but the nice thing about this release, it's a simple "Side One" and "Side Two". It's not spread out over 2 records with just two or three songs per side. It's not a stretch for a lot of music fans to consider this a "Desert Island Disc". What's on your desert island?