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Trace - Son Volt

Trace by Son Volt

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Label: Warner Brothers (reissue)
Label: Warner Brothers (reissue)

One of the more seminal and influential albums of the 1990's and the entire alt-country era. Son Volt's "Trace" straddles rock and punk lines and also provides some of the sweetest sounding Americana music you will ever hear. A definitive "desert island disc" and ranks high among many as one of their favorite records of all time. Includes the quasi-hit "Drown", as well as the timeless classics of "Windfall", "Tear-Stained Eye", "Route", "Loose Ends", and "Mystifies Me". Originally released in 1995, this a recent  reissue. Led by Jay Farrar, this was the first release by Son Volt after the break-up of Uncle Tupelo. Farrar possesses one of the more distinct voices in all of rock.