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Trace - Son Volt

Trace by Son Volt

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Label: Warner Brothers (reissue)
Label: Warner Brothers (reissue)

One of the more seminal and influential albums of the 1990's and the entire alt-country era. Son Volt's "Trace" straddles rock and punk lines and also provides some of the sweetest sounding Americana music you will ever hear. A definitive "desert island disc" and ranks high among many as one of their favorite records of all time. Includes the quasi-hit "Drown", as well as the timeless classics of "Windfall", "Tear-Stained Eye", "Route", "Loose Ends", and "Mystifies Me". Originally released in 1995, this is the 20 year anniversary reissue. Led by Jay Farrar, this was the first release by Son Volt after the break-up of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt really threw down the gauntlet - for Farrar himself, for former bandmate Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco fame, of course) and, really, the entire alt-country/Americana genre. "Trace" is that good. Farrar possesses one of the more distinct voices in all of rock.