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Pleased to Meet Me - The Replacements

Pleased to Meet Me by The Replacements

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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: Sire
Label: Sire

Minneapolis' The Replacements, or better known as The 'Mats, with their 1987 release "Pleased". The first record sans Bob Stinson. Includes "I. O. U. ", "Nighclub Jitters", and "The Ledge". Recorded in Memphis, TN as an homage to the legacy of Big Star and Alex Chilton, because, well, big fans, The Replacements. Big fans of Big Star. The horns on "Can't Hardly Wait" were an inspiration from the recording in Memphis. Listen to "Alex Chilton" where Paul Westerberg imagines all the great things that may have happened if Big Star and Alex Chilton had gained the fame they deserved, "an invisible man with an invisible voice". Truly, one of the great records of the 1980's. Jim Dickinson produced the record. As listed in "Condition", this is a reissue and is New and Sealed