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Pleased to Meet Me (Box Set) by The Replacements

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Condition: New and Sealed (Reissue)
Label: Sire Records
Label: Sire Records

"The only thing that scares me is the dark . . ." 2020 reissue of the great 1987 release by The Replacements. This is in the form of a 3 CD and 1 LP box set. Includes 55 tracks and liner notes by Replacements "Trouble Boys" biographer Bob Mehr. Tracks include the original remastered record on vinyl and CD as well as Rough Mixes, Blackberry Way demos, outtakes, alternate versions, and rare single-only tracks. Worth every penny! A $12 shipping and handling charge is added on to the price so we can get it to you promptly in the next day's mail. If you're looking for it in our ship, find it in the New Releases/Reissues section of the shop. We've always loved the homage to Elvis Presley's "GI Blues" with this record cover.