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A.M. - Wilco

A.M. by Wilco

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Label: Nonesuch
Label: Nonesuch
Wilco's first record after the disintegration of Uncle Tupelo in 1994. The line-up for this record (save for Brian Henneman) was the last line-up for Uncle Tupelo after Jay Farrar announced he was leaving UT to form Son Volt. This record was released in March of 1995 and includes "Casino Queen", "I Must Be High", "Should've Been In Love", "Dash 7" and "Box Full of Letters". It's a great rock record with just enough twang to please those in the alt-country crowd. For those who came to Wilco after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or some of their later records, this is quite the departure from the layers of sound they would go on to record on those records. Order it today, this is the Nonesuch Reissue.