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Cure For Pain - Morphine

Cure For Pain by Morphine

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Label: Ryko Records
Label: Ryko Records

While the rest of the world was in a post-Nevermind "Alternative Rock"-as-a-marketing-ploy haze in 1993, Boston's Morphine released one of the coolest records of the 1990's, Cure For Pain. They were just a three piece band with this sultry sound that was just bass, baritone sax, drums, and vocals. If the words "film noir" had a sound, it'd be Morphine. It wasn't quite the hit it should have been, even in Alt-rock circles but it holds a special place for many music fans who have discovered it then, or even now. Morphine is Mark Sandman, Dana Colley, and Billy Conway. Sadly, Mark Sandman passed away in 1999 on stage, with Morphine, of a heart attack. There is a square in Cambridge dedicated to him at the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Brookline St.