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Sonic Highways - Foo Fighters

Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters

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Label: Roswell Records - RCA
Label: Roswell Records - RCA

The much anticipated 2014 release from everybody's favorite, the Foo Fighters! After 20 years, some solid rock records, frequent touring, and all sorts of tangibles adding into the "Cool Quotient", it's kind of hard not to like the Foo Fighters. Even if you're not their biggest fan, or maybe not much of a fan at all - you really have to admit, Grohl and these guys "get it". They'll play stadiums or a surprise show at a pizza joint. They're music historians and aren't afraid to cite their influences or plays cover songs. This release, with 9 different jacket covers, includes "Something From Nothing", "The Feast and the Famine", "Outside", "In the Clear", "I Am A River", "Congregation" and others. Produced by the Foos and Butch Vig. The Foo Fighters are so established in the industry that we didn't even have to mention that *one* other band Grohl was in.