Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams - BoDeans

Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams by BoDeans

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Condition: Gently Used
Label: Slash/Warner Bros.
Label: Slash/Warner Bros.
In 1986 the music world was rife with drum machines, synths, and over production. All this and we didn't even mention the 80's Big Hair! Then came this little band just out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who eschewed this so-called modern technology and released a great roots rock record, "Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams" (Yes, the title is a nod to the Stones, "Shattered"). Well crafted pop rock songs by Beau and Sammy BoDean (Kurt Neumann & Sammy Llanas) that put the emphasis on the music and not the music video. Sure there were a few other jangly guitar bands of that era but none quite like The BoDeans. This is their debut record and while they may have gained some fame later in their career, this record is their finest hour.This record, and the jacket, are in great condition. Do you have this on CD? Maybe it's time to get it on vinyl. We ship in sturdy records only boxes. Stop in and pick it up or use our Buy Now links and buy safely from your own PayPal account.