Outstanding component model turntable from our friends at Crosley. 2-speed, high end components to make this an outstanding introductory turntable as well as an upgrade it you entry point was a suitcase all-in-one model. Solid plinth is black or red (shown) with adjustable weight on the tonearm and the P-Mount style cartridge to if you wanted to upgrade to an even higher grade cartridge and needle. The needle are the turntable as is is a fine specimen, but we know how it is, we've done it, sometimes you just want that much more of a truer sound with a better cartridge and needle. This has that upgrade capability. Built-in phono amp for more options for connecting this to a stereo or a sound bar/sound system. Really, this is a nice enough turntable, it could possibly be the last one you ever seek out. Though there is a "Buy Now" button, these are in-store purchases only.