It's A World of Love & Hope

It's A World Of Love & Hope
Artist: Flat Five
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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: Bloodshot Records

Easily one of our favorite records of 2016 and if you were to walk in at any given time, we might be playing this on the shop turntable. It's an amalgam of outstanding Chicago musicians who have been playing on and off together for years, while also performing with other bands. The line-up includes Kelly Hogan, Nora O'Connor, Scott Ligon, Casey McDonnough, and Alex Webster. The record includes some dark humor recorded under the guise of delicious pop production with harmonies that may remind you of the Beach Boys, Beatles, Monkees, or Mamas and Papas. Despite the world climate we may live in, you'll believe it is a world of love and hope after hearing this. Released on Bloodshot Records, this also includes a digital download of the record.