New Miserable Experience
Artist: Gin Blossoms
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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: A & M Records

These songs. These songs are timeless 3-4 minute jangly guitar well-crafted pop songs. You've heard most of them, even if you aren't that familiar with the band, you've heard a couple of them. New Miserable Experience was released in the height of the grunge/alternative movement in the early 1990's and while some of those bands got a lot of press and spins at the time, they are mere footnotes and trivia questions now. These tunes hold up - harmonies, verse chorus verse, a to the point guitar solo, and all without the guttural howls of some of those post-Nirvana coattail riders. If you need a refresher, this record includes "Hey Jealousy", "Mrs Rita", "Allison Road", "Found Out About You" and other great tunes. On a local footnote, Gin Blossoms played at Grand Victoria Casino in the summer of 2015 opening for Huey Lewis. We think the Gin Blossoms should have gotten top billing, but that's neither here nor there.