Purchase Policy

As you search our site, you'll see that there are "Buy Now" links to each item. These will take you to your own Paypal account. At this point Paypal is the only way we are accepting payments via the internet. It's very simple and you pay from there. We will be notified and will get your order out the next business day. We don't have a "shopping cart" at this point but this is a very effective way to buy a single item, or record.

We specialize in vinyl. All listings here unless they say otherwise are VINYL records. They are not CD's

If you are looking to buy multiple records, our suggestion is to call us at 847-961-8445 to place an order. You can also email your order to us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The reason we say this because each "Buy Now" link creates a separate shipping charge for each item. For example, if you buy 2 records and a carbon fiber brush, this will create 3 orders with shipping charges for each one. So please call or email us with orders of more than one item and we can work out a paypal arrangement that way and a reasonable shipping charge for all your items. However, if you see an individual record or accessory you would like to purchase, by all means, use the "Buy Now" links. It's a great way to buy records.

We will ship your order out the very next business day via standard media mail. All attentions to detail will be tended. All our records are very well packed and we ship in box specially made for records. We also put them in a 2 mil. poly record sleeve. You will also get a tracking number. All these things as well as our own shipping and handling costs will be figured into a single item cost of $4.99, which we think is very reasonable.

Thanks for buying your records from Rediscover Records.

Our return policy is that you can return any time you want to Rediscover Records!

But seriously folks, you can return any time you want.

Also, we will do our very best to, paraphrasing Simon and Garfunkel here, keep the customer satisfied, there may be returns, grumbles, and even a defective gently used record that you have bought.

We cannot return opened *NEW* vinyl that you have bought. Once you open it, it's yours. This policy is not unusual in the music industry and with record stores.

If you have a problem with a gently used product, then we can work with you on that. We can offer you an in-store credit or Rediscover Records is very particular about having clean records, so sometimes all a record needs is a thorough cleaning. We'd be happy to take the record back and bring it to our cleaning laboratory, put on your Dr Strangelove goggles, our smock, and get your record cleaned up nice. As a customer, this is a service we will provide for you.

Internet returns are a breed of a different feather, or something like that. Please return record in question (you'll have to cover return postage) and we can offer you credit to your pay pal account or if you see another record you covet on our website, perhaps we can work out some sort of honest exchange. We're reasonable human beings here, things can be worked out. If we don't feel like we are getting bent over, we won't try to bend you over.

Maybe these return policies are not full of lawyer speak here, but we will honestly try our best to keep our customers happy and satisfied.