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In this day and age, most reviews of businesses are left on Facebook pages, Google, and Yelp. Seek us via those avenues to see mostly glowing reviews. Honest!!

Below is a home run of a review from Boca Jump, by the late Paul Challacombe, who had a wonderful way with the written word. He grew up in Elgin, moved to California for 30 years, moved back to Elgin in the infancy of Rediscover Records and wrote these kind words. He passed away a few years ago and he is deeply missed. Boca Jump was an online news source for Elgin that is sadly no more.

The Vinyl Truth: Records make a comeback!
by Paul Challacombe

The final vinyl, the platter that matters, in the groove, the spinner that's a winner.

Over 2010 I have left the digital domain and returned to the turntable. This modulation in my modality is chain linked to the appearance of Rediscover Records on Spring Street.

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