We have dozens upon dozens of great folk records at any given time, from Peter Paul and Mary, to Phil Ochs, to Pete Seeger, to Irish Folk, and other artists. What is listed here is just a small representation of what we have in the shop. If you are looking to purchase something via our site, please contact us for availability before completing the sale.

Archive of Folk Music
Artist: Pete Seeger
$9. 98
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Condition: Gently Used
Label: FS-201

All the folk classics. It's your folk music starter kit right here sung by the great Pete Seeger. "The House Carpenter", "Three Courting Songs", "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", and many more. This record is in Good to Very Good shape and the jacket just has some natural wear. Look for all the best folk music at Rediscover Records.

Dixie Dewdrop
Artist: Uncle Dave Macon
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Condition: Gently Used
Label: Vetco Records LP-101

This record may not date back to the 1920's, but the recordings themselves do. The song "Rise When the Rooster Crows" was recorded on April 14, 1926. Other recordings date from 1935, 1927, and 1938. Extensive liner notes on the back jacket. How are the liner notes on the last digital download your acquired? Purchase this by using our secure "Buy Now" links that you see above and they will take you directly to your PayPal account where you can finish the transaction from there. We ship in sturdy Records Only record boxes and usually ship the next business day.


Folk Favorites
Artist: Various Artists
$9. 98 | Buy Now
Condition: Gently Used
Label: Wyncote SW9010

We got your old folk music here featuring Raun MacKinnon, Three Young Men From Montana, and The Villagers. Famous folk songs on this record include "The Hammer Song", "Pretty Polly" "Shenandoah", "Bill Baily" and "Five Hundred Miles". See our other folk records in our folk section and see even more in our bins in the store. The record and the jacket are in great shape. This well worth the price, not a garage sale salvage.

Folk Singing Greats
Artist: Leadbelly, Josh White, Michael Strange
$18. 98 | Buy Now
Condition: Gently Used
Label: Rondo R-2012

An excellent folk compilation by 3 of the greats of all time, Leadbelly, Josh White, and Michael Strange.  A few words on the condition, this is an original release on Rondo. The cover is as shown as is the record and label. We'd rank it VG on both record and jacket. If you have a question, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847.961.8445. We are very much a people business.

Here are the three artists and the songs they perform on this record.

Bill Brady
John Hardy
In New Orleans

Josh White-
Hollorin' Timber
Lord, I'm Troubled
I've Got A Head Like A Rock

Michael Strange-
The Riddle Song
The Fox
Keeper of the Eddystone Light
Most Chivalrous Shark

Folk Songs With Harry Belafonte
Artist: Harry Belafonte
$9. 98 | Buy Now
Condition: Gently Used
Label: Coronet CXS 115

Original folk release by Harry Belafonte and Calypso with the Islanders. Super! These are done up as only Belafonte can do them! Great versions of "Hold 'Em Joe", "Goombay Drums", "Annabelle Lee", and "Only Like Me", to name a few. Are you in a rut with your music? Pick up some folk records. A lot of rock music is deeply rooted in folk. Thanks for your support of all things Rediscover Records. Questions? Please call us at 847.961.8445