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Thrashing Thru the Passion by The Hold Steady

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Condition: New and Sealed
Label: French Kiss Records
Label: French Kiss Records

Comeback release (or were they ever really gone?) from the Booklyn-based band, The Hold Steady. Comeback or not, this is their first record of new material in over 5 years. Includes Denver Haircut, Epaulets, Blackout Same, T-Shirt Tux, Star 18, and others. In lieu of full blown tours in recent years, THS have found residencies in different cities for 3 or 4 nights more to their liking. It's like a Takeover for that town and is pretty cool. As of this very writing (Aug of 2019) they are getting ready for a series of shows in Chicago. On a store side note, long time customer and friend of the shop, Brendan Hilliard is mentioned in the liner notes of this record as he handles the social media deets of the band. Pretty cool, right?