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LP1 - FKA twigs

LP1 by FKA twigs

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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: Young Turks Recordings
Label: Young Turks Recordings
Somewhat unsung release from 2014 that continued to gain momentum well into 2015. FKA twigs hip-hop release "LP1". Includes "Preface", "Lights On", "Hours", "Numbers" and other tracks. Highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike, pick this one up and see what all the fuss is about. Buy it now from our site or find this in our "Sealed Hip-Hop" selection of records, though it has all sorts of pop sensibilities as well, if not Portishead-like. We don't normally delive into the gossip column side of things, but FKA twigs was recently engaged to actor Robert Pattinson.