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Mono Masters by The Beatles

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Label: Parlophone Records
Label: Parlophone Records

A gorgeous three record set of all the Beatles tunes that did not make it to their records in England. As it was then, the "singles" often times were NOT put on the actual albums so this set is a cavalcade of excellent singles and B-Sides. Includes hits from the earliest of days (She Loves You, Bad Boy, Long Tall Sally, I'm Down, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Day Tripper, She's A Woman) to the later days which include Old Brown Shoe, Hey Jude, Revolution, All Together Now, Hey Bulldog, Get Back, Don't Let Me Down, and others). Can you imagine if this set was all the Beatles did? It would be better than most bands complete catalogs. Their wealth of material in such a short span is nothing short of staggering.