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Untitled (Rise) by Sault

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Label: Forever Living Originals
Label: Forever Living Originals

A 2020 release that was met with universal acclaim. Sault is a Britishhip hop/R&B collective that creates music that covers black centric issues and is so timely in this day and age. Here is what Jem Aswad of "Variety" wrote about the group, "Sault seduces listeners, drawing them in with beautiful sounds, and then hits them with uncompromisingly direct lyrics and messages that startle them into thinking about things they might not normally think about... [their music] is definitively 2020, by, for and about these times." The vinyl didn't see its release until May of 2021 and we have it. We can't explain the higher price tag other than perhaps it's an import. We gave this record dozens of spins, it fantastic and lives up to the hype.