Every Picture Tells A Story - Rod Stewart

Every Picture Tells A Story by Rod Stewart

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Label: Mercury Records
Label: Mercury Records

By now Rod Stewart has had a 30+ year solo career, but this was his solo debut after leaving The Faces. Includes Maggie Mae, Every Picture Tells A Story, That's All Right Mama, Mandolin Wind, Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time, and the Tim Hardin cover of Reason to Believe. One time in the late 1980's or early 90's there was a commercial where Rod morphed from a jukebox into a full-size Rod as he was singing the line "Oh my dear, I gotta get outta here..." One of the better debuts of all time and there seems to be two Rod Stewart fan bases... the Faces and early solo Rod, which we will call the Cool Rod, then there was the post-D'ya Think I'm Sexy Rod, which we will call the not-as-cool-Rod. Whichever, neither fan base is wrong, right? We have plenty of other Rod Stewart records in the shop.