Purchase Policy

Thanks for buying your records from Rediscover Records.

Our return policy is that you can return to Rediscover Records anytime you want!

But seriously folks, you can return any time you want...

Okay, actual Return Policy rhetoric.

We cannot return opened NEW vinyl that you have bought. Once you open it, it's yours. This policy is not unusual in the music industry and with record stores. Very rarely a new record has factory damage. We sometimes can return those, though it takes some time with notifying our distro, shipping it back, getting credit, ordering another copy. We will play the record in question on our turntable just to double-check.

If you have a problem with a gently used product, then we can work with you on that. We can offer you an in-store credit or Rediscover Records is very particular about having clean records, so sometimes all a record needs is a thorough cleaning. We'd be happy to take the record back and bring it to our cleaning laboratory, put on your Dr Strangelove goggles, our smock, and get your record cleaned up nice. As a customer, this is a service we will provide for you.

Maybe these return policies are not full of lawyer speak here, but we will honestly try our best to keep our customers happy and satisfied.