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On this page are several record care accessories that include record cleaners, brushes, and clothes. We also carry sleeves for your records, inner paper sleeves, as well as exterior 2 mil plastic sleeves that not only protect your records but give them a sense of elegance. Tap/click on Accessories for cleaners/sleeves, Equipment for Turntables, and Cool Stuff for T-Shirts, etc., or just scroll down on this page.


Rediscover Records T Shirt (Neon Sign)

Price: $ 16.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Condition: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester, preshrunk

"Trying to find a purpose from a neon sign" -Son Volt.

Our latest t-shirt design and we think it's pretty awesome. Featured in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL stop and pick one up in the shop or we can ship one right to your hovel. If you can, indicate the size of the shirt or send us a DM or email regarding the size at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We ship the next business day.

Represent! And as always, thanks for your support and even wearing one of our shirts in public, haha. But, seriously, thanks for the biz, the "likes", comments, retweets, DM's, shares, and anything else on the socials as well.

Rediscover Records T Shirt

Price: $ $16.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Condition: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester, preshrunk

Our iconic store logo on a durable t-shirt. Great for festivals, concerts, wearing around town, or in this day and age, just lounging around Sheltering In Place. No matter where you wear them, be On Brand with Rediscover Records! The shirt is as pictured. These make great gift ideas. When buying with our secure "Buy Now" buttons, they take you directly to your Pay Pal Account. Thank you for your order and buying from Rediscover Records.

Gift Certificate for $10

Price: $ 10.00 | Buy Now
Sizes: $10 Gift Certificate
Condition: Official Gift Certificate

Support Rediscover Records with a Gift Certificate! The "Buy Now" button will direct you to your own PayPal account where you can purchase a Gift Certificate to support the shop. A fantastic gift idea anytime of the year. Leave your address with purchase and we'll get it in the mail ASAP. These are available for pick-up with valid ID to vouch for yourself, though we probably know you already anyway. Buy them in-store or quick prepaid pickup at our counter. Thanks!!

Record Sleeves: Pack of 50

Price: $ 12.95 | Buy Now
Sizes: Pack of 50
Condition: New/Pack of 50

If you don't need 100 sleeves just yet, why not get a pack of 50? Protect your vinyl investment. These will fit over your records and protect the album jackets and album art. They give your collection an elegant look. These are big enough they fit over double-album and gatefold sleeves. If you're looking for the pack of 100 sleeves, go to the "MERCH" tab. These will ship via Medial Mail and in this current climate of COVID-19 we'll still try to get them in the mail the next business day. Thanks!! 

Gift Certificate for $25

Price: $ 25.00 | Buy Now
Sizes: $25 Certificate
Condition: Official Gift Certificate

Support Rediscover Records with a Gift Certificate! The "Buy Now" button will direct you to your own PayPal account where you can purchase a Gift Certificate and support the shop. Leave your address with purchase and we'll get it in the mail ASAP. A great gift idea anytime of the year! We also offer them in-store & are available for pre-paid pick-up at our counter. Thanks!! We also have $10 Gift Certificate available on our site, go to the "Merch" tab!

Record Socks

Price: $ 10.00 | Buy Now
Sizes: One Size Fits Most
Condition: New

Be the envy of the entire neighborhood with these rad record socks. Not only are they the coolest thing of all time, a good portion of your purchase goes to "Socks N Souls" (@ilovesocksandsouls on Instagram) "warming souls through soles" to help a person in need get a pair of socks. One size fits most. They are unisex and for feet of all ages. They fit up to about a men's size 11-12, tbh. Only $10 in the shop and if buying from our site to have them shipped, a modest $4.98 shipping charge will be added as you check out with PayPal.

Groove Washer Fluid Refill

Price: $ 16.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: 16 oz bottle
Condition: Cleaner Refill Bottle

One 8 ounce bottle of G2 Fluid with spout top.  Use to refill the 2 ounce and/or 4 ounce mist spray bottle. 1,000+ mist sprays in this 8 ounce bottle. 

High Tech G2 Record Cleaning Fluid Contains:

State of the art detergents dissolve and suspend fingerprints and other oily grime.

Super wetting agent: A specialty chemical that reduces the G2 Fluid's surface tension to reach the bottom of the groove. When you spray G2 Fluid on a record you can see it spread down the grooves.

Emulsifiers: Holds the oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles in suspension. Then the microfiber fabric cleaning pad wipes and pulls the dirt-filled solution from the record surface. 

Laboratory grade, double deionized, carbon filtered & UV treated water: Carrier for the active cleaning ingredients. Eliminates static electric charges on the record's surface on contact.

Groove Washer Record & Stylus Care System

Price: $ 24.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: One Box
Condition: New Product

A great way to care for you records and economical. Includes bottle of G2 Record Cleaning Fluid, a super aborbent microfiber cleaning pad, a label protector (so you don't spray your record labels), a stylus care brush, and a 1/2 oz bottle of stylus cleaner. All that you need in one package!

Record Sleeves: Pack of 100

Price: $ 21.95 | Buy Now
Sizes: LP
Condition: New/Pack of 100

These record sleeves will protect your valuble record collection. Each sleeve fits nicely over single albums and fit over most gatefold double-albums. These are a quality 2 mil. plastic and will preserve your investment in records for years to come. This is a very clear plastic so that you can see your record cover very clearly, as opposed to some record sleeves that have a somewhat cloudy appearance. This is for a package of 100. Highly recommended. Also, it should be noted that when you shop at Rediscover Records you can pick up individual record sleeves at .50 cents each

Groove Washer Cleaning Kit

Price: $ 34.98 | Buy Now
Condition: Sealed, New Product

Fantastic record cleaner from our friends at Groove Washer. Researched and developed cleaning fluid that contains the right surfactants to help remove dirt and grime unlike other cleaners. The brush itself is made to last for decades, comes with sturdy wood handle, a spray bottle, and a mat to cover the record label while cleaning. We carry replacement liquid too, but the bottle it comes with over 300 fine mist sprays that could possibly clean over 50 records. Also comes with a record cleaning booklet. Here is a little more about this fine product direct from Groove Washer, 
• Surfactants: State of the art surfactants, designed to dissolve the oils from fingerprints and effectively clean the vinyl record's delicate surface.
• Super wetting agents: A specialty chemical combined with a blending agent that reduces the fluid's viscosity so it can penetrate to the bottom of the microgroove and spread the G2 Fluid across the record evenly.
• Emulsifiers: Holds the oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles in suspension until the microfiber fabric cleaning pad absorbs and pulls the contaminants from the record surface. The emulsifiers restore the record's natural shiny surface. 
• Purified, deionized water: Deionized water is the best carrier for the active cleaning ingredients and eliminates static electric charges on the record's surface on contact.

Vinyl Styl Record Cleaning Fluid

Price: $ 4.99 | Buy Now
Condition: Sealed, New Product

The classic record cleaning liquid you may remember from record days of yore. A perfect replacement for the bottle that may have run out or that you might misplaced. Do not let the size of this bottle fool you, 4 oz. of record cleaner lasts an indefinite period of time. Use with other record cleaning brushes you may have or even a carbon fiber cloth. There are elaborate record vacuums and hydraulic cleaning systems that work great, but for a price. Here is a very economical way to clean your records. If you keep your records in the sleeves, touch only the edges, keep off the dust, we find records are very resilient and can be kept clean and skip/scratch free with just a few cleaning products and common sense care.

45 Inserts

Price: $ 4.95 | Buy Now
Sizes: 45 Inserts
Condition: New

These are almost synonymous with 45 rpm records. These come in a package of 10. It never hurts to have a few extra on hand for when you are having a 45 playing session. Sometimes ya just gotta play singles. "Time to play B-sides"

Record Cleaning Cloth

Price: $ 6.99 | Buy Now
Condition: New

These record cloths are an excellent way to clean your records prior to playing them. A very economical way to remove dust and fingerprints. We suggest buying one of these cloths and a 4oz bottle of D4 Record Cleaning fluid. Your cost for both items, just over $10. This is a very efficient way to keep your record clean without spending a fortune on an elaborate cleaning system. Use before each play, hear the difference having clean records makes. This cloth is good for multiple upon multiple uses. We endorse these and use them at Rediscover Records.

Carbon Fiber Record Brush

Price: $ 19.95 | Buy Now
Condition: New by Vinyl Styl

This is an excellent brush to clean your records before each play. This item is best used after you have cleaned your records with a D4 Cleaning Brush and liquid cleaner or vacuumed or hydraulically cleaned them (Once you have deep cleaned your records, there is no need to vacuum them, deep clean them again). Use this brush before each play to clean off any dust that may have accumulated. Indispensable to keep your records clean. Highly endorsed by Rediscover Records and other vinyl enthusiasts. Hear the difference! A great gift idea for the vinyl lover in your life.

100-count LP Paper Inner Sleeves

Price: $ 24.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: LP
Condition: New/Pack of 100

These are the inner sleeve for 33rpm LP (Long Playing) records. These are great replacements for ripped up sleeves or records where the sleeve is missing. Did you just pick up a collection of records with missing inner sleeves? Pick them up here! You don't have to buy 100 at a time either, we sell them individually in our shop for .50 cents each, 12 for $5, and 24 for $9.

Protect your vinyl investment with inner sleeves. Look to get our plastic 2mil. poly outer sleeves as well. Find all your record accessories at Rediscover Records!

Vinyl Styl Record Cleaner

Price: $ 14. 98 | Buy Now
Condition: New

An excellent, and economical, method of keeping your vinyl investment clean and in perfect playing condition. Apply 5-6 drops of Vinyl Styl cleaner to the cleaning brush, rotate record 4 or 5 times (By hand! Do not risk stretching your turntable belt or motor by turning it on to clean records! We've learned from experience!) around to clean up all dust, dirt, and fingerprints. It's also advisable to let your record dry (or dry with one of our record cloths) and enjoy the vinyl listening experience! Compare this price with other cleaner brushes or cleaning vacuums.

45rpm Adapter

Price: $ 3.99 | Buy Now
Sizes: 45 rpm
Condition: New

These adapters are great for your 45rpm or 7" record collection. The red piece pictured is the insert for that large hole in the 45rpm record. These are a great alternative adapters to the yellow inserts, which we also have. These are super for your 7" record listening session. If you bought a used record player and it was missing the adapter or you have lost yours, these are great replacements at at economical cost. Compare with name adapters which price up to $25 and $40!

7" Plastic Sleeves (100 count)

Price: $ 18. 98 | Buy Now
Sizes: 7 Inches
Condition: New - (100 count)

This is a package of 100 7" plastic record sleeves. These sleeves fit over 7" records and their outer sleeve. Protect your vinyl investment with these great plastic sleeves. This price is for a pack of 100 sleeves. We do sell them individually or if you just want to buy 5, 10, 25 sleeves, you can purchase however many sleeves you would like. Order now or stop in and pick up a few sleeves. Remember, the only thing up our sleeves is records!

7" Paper Sleeves (100 count)

Price: $ $18. 95 | Buy Now
Sizes: 7 inches
Condition: New (100 count)

This is a package of 100 7" PAPER record sleeves. These are fabulous for any sleeveless 45rpm or 7" records you may have acquired. We sell them here, as you can see, as a package of 100 sleeves. If you'd like to stop into Rediscover Records and only pick up a few sleeves you can do that. The plastic or paper sleeves are .40 cents each, or you can get 12 sleeves for $4.00.

Paper or Plastic? Protect your record collection with record sleeves. Thank you for shopping at Rediscover Records website or in-store.

ION Premier Turntable

Price: $ 129.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: One Size Fits Most
Condition: New Product

A nice all-in-one unit at a reasonable price. Built in speakers, but can be connected easily to a system or soundbar, not to mention BlueTooth! Plays records at 33, 45, and even 78 prm speeds. Also includes USB capabilities to add your records to your computer and play them digitally. Headphone jack, full-size platter. Awesome.

Jensen JTA-315

Price: $ 129.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: One Box
Condition: Brand Spankin' New

The Jensen JTA-315 stereo Bluetooth turntable has all you need to take this home and play records today! A pretty decent all-in-one system where you do not need to hunt down speakers or a receiver/amp. Also includes Bluetooth capabilities where you can stream in from your gadget or play your records out to Bluetooth speakers. Plays all three speeds of records, the most common 33-1/3, 45rpm (the singles!), and 78rpm, which you may find at your (Great or Great Great) Grandma's house. Jensen has been in the audio game for a long time, a brand you can rely on. Sold In-Store or via pre-arranged prepaid pickup. We do not ship turntables.

Victrola VPRO-3100

Price: $ 129.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: One Box
Condition: Brand Spankin' New

Our Victrola 3-Speed belt drive Pro USB Record Player is a Semi automatic turntable with auto lift and auto return operation. Conveniently record from vinyl to MP3 with Mac/PC software and USB cable included! The built in pre-amplifier and RCA output also allow you to connect to audio systems and speakers. Measures 16.3" x 8.7" x 17". Victrola Pro USB Record Player with 2-Speed Turntable and Dust Cover. "Buy Now" button is disabled, in-store purchase or we can arrange prepaid contactless pickup via DM or email.

Victrola Record Player

Price: $ 89.98 | Buy Now
Condition: Brand Spankin' New

Victrola’s VSC590BT-LBN Brooklyn 3-in-1 record player features timeless-style in a compact, portable size. Bluetooth connectivity allows listeners to stream their favorite songs from up to 33 feet away, while the classic design, complete with a belt driven, 3 speed turntable and Aux-in, makes it the focal point of any space. No other components needed, play it right out of the box. Portable! Bring your record player and a few albums to a friends house. In-store or prepaid pick-up only. The "Buy Now" button has been disabled. EDIT: After a few weeks of being out of stock in December and early January, this is NOW back in stock.

T-150 Crosley

Price: $ 159.98 | Buy Now
Condition: Brand Spankin' New

Sharp looking turntable that includes the speakers. Sleek black look with fine sounding speakers, no need to look elsewhere to add speakers or a soundbar, and carries a little more punch in the sound than a suitcase model. This turntable plays 33-1/3 and 45rpm records, Bluetooth capable to stream digital music via its speakers, pitch control, 30 watts of power (15 watts per speaker) and RCA jacks if you'd like to add it as a component to your stereo system. Pick this up and be playing records as soon as you set it up! Thanks for choosing Rediscover Records.

Star Wars Cruiser Deluxe

Price: $ 129.98 | Buy Now
Sizes: Collectible
Condition: New in the Box!

For the Star Wars fan in your life, obviously. A decent little unit that plays 3 speeds (33, 45, and 78rpms), pitch control, headphone jacks, internal phono amp, and RCA jacks. While we like to remind people these are not high-end audio, the fact that it's portable and all-in-one are great selling points to be able to play records right out of the box. The internal phono amp is a nice touch so that you can hook it up to a system via RCA jacks. Utilize the headphones jack to augment the sound as well. Now, let's get back to this being a Star Wars turntable. Wouldn't this look great in the den, Man Cave, a bedroom, or even the Star Wars room? We have ONE in stock and it appears like there isn't many left from where we order from. If seriously interested, I wouldn't wait too long. A great gift idea! "Buy Now" button is disabled, in-store or pre-paid pick-up only. Thanks!

Crosley C6

Price: $ 159.98 | Buy Now
Condition: New - Red or Black Plinth

A pretty decent component model turntable from our friends at Crosley. 2-speed for 33s and 45s makes this a nice introductory turntable as well as an upgrade it you entry point was a suitcase all-in-one model. Solid plinth in red (shown) with adjustable weight on the tonearm. Built-in phono amp for more options for connecting this to a stereo or a sound bar/sound system. Cartridge is a P-mount style, which is common to a lot of turntables and makes changing the needle/cartridge relatively easy with the P-mount style the common exchange - when that time comes. Though there is a "Buy Now" button, these are in-store purchases only.

Audio Technica ATLP60

Price: $ 129.98 | Buy Now
Condition: New

Edit - July 2021 - Temporarily Out of Stock on these. Hopefully back in stock soon!!

The dependable Audio Technica ATLP60 turntable is a great turntable for the price. It's a lot of bang for the buck. This is a belt drive turntable with a dynamic balance tonearm. It is fully automatic with 45 and 33 speeds and it comes with an adapter to play 45's. Also, includes built-in phono pre-amp, so you can plug it in to a Sound Bar, or some other sort of Powered Speaker System. Keep in mind you do need a stereo, amp, or soundbar to play this turntable. It's not autonomous as some plug-in and play models that you may see. We are currently not shipping turntables. The best thing to do is come into the store and pick one up!