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WGN Radio Interview with Rediscover Records

Link: WGN Interview with Rediscover Records

On January 26, 2023 the 50,000 Blowtorch that is WGN Radio (AM Radio 720) featured the City of Elgin as part of their "Your Hometown" series. Several businesses and organizations were interviewed throughout the day including yours truly, Rich from Rediscover Records. *The* legendary DJ John "Records" Landecker (he's in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, ya know) was the host and the segment is about 8 minutes long, which is about 5 minutes shorter than most prog rock songs, haha.


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Dollar Records are "3 for $1"

Our dollar bins are in the back section of the shop. While dollar bins are what they are, you might be surprised at some of the artists you may find there. You read it correctly! Our Dollar Records are "3 for a $1"! So get three 33-1/3rpm records for a mere 33-1/3 cents (See what we did there?) but the only catch is you must buy in 3's and even if you only find one, it's still only $1. What a deal!

Record Store Day

This is our list of Record Store Day Exclusives from throughout the years. The first section here is from Black Friday 2022. DM us if seeking a record from this list. Also...See "Record Store Day" in our header or via the "cheeseburger" in the upper left of your phone for RSD titles to buy directly from our site. We've included a brief capsule on those. Inventory subject to change.

Bobby Digital - Potion

David Bowie - Next Day EP

Bing and Bowie - Drummer Boy

Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot

Chief Keef - 4NEM

Cure - Wish Pic Disc

Dark Horse - Best of

Bryan Ferry - Taxi

Fleetwood Mac - Alt Collection 

Green Jelly - Musick

Jeff Airplane - Live Monterey

Lonnie Mack - Strike Like

Madlib - Low Budget HiFi

Charles Mingus - Mingus

Thelonius Monk - Classic Quartet

Monkees - More of the

Grant Lee Phillips - Walking In the Corn

RHCP - Return of Dream Canteen

Snoop Dogg - Coolaid

Soul Coughing - Best of

Joe Strummer - Live

Trailer Bride - Debut

Watchmen OST

Weeknd - Dawn FM

We have dozens of titles from previous Record Store Day. If checking the shop, these are all organized on the south wall near the other new releases & reissues. Many are marked 20% off and noted on the price tag.

Allman Brothers - Cream of the...

America - Alts

Asia - XXX

Jay Bennett - Where Are You

Bleeding Hearts - Riches

Blur - Bustin’

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company

C-Bo - Orca

Chief Keef - Sorry 4 the

Cold War Kids

Coolio - It Takes A Thief

Cooper, Alice - Brutal Planet

Czarface - Czarmageddon

Miles Davis - What It Is

Sandy Denny - Gold Dust

Def Lep - High n Dry PicDic

Dillinger Escape Plan - Disassoc

Fats Domino - Here Comes

Steve Earle - 7”

Echo & Bunnymen - bsides

Everly Bros - Hey Doll Baby

Peter Gabriel - Live Blood

Go Team - Proof of Youth

Noel Gallagher

Gong - Gong of the 70s

Kirk Hammett - Portals

Elton John - Bell Sessions

Judas Priest - Hero Hero

Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

Knack - Live

Lil Wayne - Sorry 4 the Wait (Compact Disc)

Darlene Love - D Love

Nick Lowe - Wireless World

Johnny Marr

Mayor Hawthorne - Impressions

Tim McGraw - Undivided

Mr Big 

My Morning Jacket - Live RCA

Nico - Live

Nico + Faction - Camera Obscura

Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs 

Reigning Sound - Memphis

Replacements - Live

Keith Richards - Talk Is Cheap (tapes)

Super Furry Animals - Rings Around the World

Slash - Live at Studio 60

Santana - Splendiferous

Sepultura - Revolusons

St Vincent - Nowhere Inn

Stiff Little Fingers - BBC

Donna Summer - s/t

Superchunk - Incidental

Supergrass - Moving

Twiztid - 7”

Ultravox - Live

U2 - Celebration

Voivod - Angel Rat

Weyes Blood - Innocents

World Party - Seaview Presents (Great Best of)

The Who - It's Hard

~ As always, thanks for your biz and support! ~


Classical and/or Opera LPs Special

When shopping in-store, all of our classical and/or opera records are as price or get the special price of "3 for $10". All of them are reasonably priced regardless with most of them less than $9 and some under $5 but why not get 3 of them for $10? This includes the Box Sets of Classical and Opera as well. One trait of classical and opera LPs is that the original owners took very good care of them. Records are typically clean and any inserts that may have been included are left intact. Take advantage of getting a Box Set, or Bach's Set, today! #HEYO!!!