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RSD Drops, Safety Protocols, other info

September 26th RSD Info

The second of three installments of Record Store Day will be Saturday September 26th (the third is Oct 24th). We will post our list of the titles we will have in stock by 5pm on September 24th. We will *OPEN* promptly at 8am and will allow just 6 people in the store at a time at 6 feet socially distant intervals. One person at a time will be allowed in front of the RSD titles to make their selections. A face covering will be required for entry (please keep it over your nose too. Thanks.) We will have sanitizer and gloves on hand (pun intended) for your use. We will continue to keep flat surfaces clean and all staff will be wearing face coverings at all times too. Please do not bring in food or drinks. If you plan to arrive at the shop early before 8am, please maintain social distances and respect your fellow humankind.

A few RSD guidelines that are in effect in non-pandemic times. We cannot hold items for you, nor can you pre-order records. It's first come, first serve. You may buy more than one title of an artist/album, but NOT more than one of the same title.

In case you were wondering, Record Store Day is usually in April but with COVID-19 concerns and much of the country shutdown, it was moved to June and then subsequently moved to these 3 days in the fall. The premise was to curb the larger crowds that can happen with people waiting outside shops for these titles.

We have a few titles from the August 26th RSD remaining. List was updated at 5:00pm on Sept 12th. Inventory subject to change.

Mikal Cronin - Switched On
Dio - Picture Disc
Drive By Truckers - Unraveling
Brian Eno - Rams OST
Gravediggaz - Pick
Hiss Golden Messenger - 7”
Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Peur Sur La Ville (Morricone) OST

New Hours (For Now):
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 12pm to 5pm
Thursday: 12pm to 5pm
Friday: 12pm to 5pm
Saturday: 12pm to 5pm
Sunday: 12pm to 4pm

September 2020: The storefront is OPEN! We will be practicing safety & sanitizing protocols as we all continue life with COVID-19. For the safety of all, we'll have 6 feet social distancing increments marked off within the shop, we will limit capacity to 8 people, and a face covering will be required for entry. Since record shopping is such a hands on shopping experience, we'll have gloves you can wear or sanitizer to apply before you start shopping. Our restroom will be available for hand washing. We will also continue to sanitize door handles, countertops & flat surfaces, our credit card machine, and frequent hand washing/hand sanitizer use by our staff. The staff will continue to wear face coverings as well.

Stay Safe and Be Kind to All. Thanks.

If you'd like to support some of our black-owned record store brethren, here's 9 shops across the country you can donate to or maybe order a few things: Nine Black-owned record stores

Contact Free Pick-Ups: If you'd like to have curbside pick-up we encourage that as well. We can arrange for pre-paid, contact-less, pick-ups, and/or mailings. We can have them on the counter just as you enter the shop or quickly dash them to your car. More info below

Info on buying from the site and pre-paid, contact free pick-ups: Tap on record album covers for buying options. Click  "Buy Now" and get it shipped to your door. You'll be redirected to PayPal, a modest shipping charge (usually $4.98 for single LPs) will be added. We ship next day. Pick-Up Option: If you'd like to pick up a record (and possibly others) at the shop, we can arrange a "non-shipping" payment, plus sales tax. With the storefront opening May 29th, if you'd still rather pre-pay and pick up a record contact-free, we encourage customers to do that. Send an email, call us, or DM via the socials and we can make an appointment for safe, non-contact, pickup at 9 S. Spring St. Elgin, IL.

Record Store Day 2020

Due to concern with COVID-19, Record Store Day has been moved to 3 different days, August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th. We *ARE* participating in all three days! We will post our list for each day by the Thursday before by 5pm. We will OPEN those days at 8am. We will continue to practice safety protocols of social distancing and a face covering will be required to enter the shop. We will let in just 5 people at a time, at 6 feet increments with just one person at a time to select their records. We will also have sanitizer and/or gloves available. So check the list, know what you are looking for, get in-get out. It sounds arduous but if we expedite our shopping and check out time, we should be able to make this a quick transaction.

Our List! All titles are less that 5 in stock. A few of the potential higher demand titles we put the quantity we have in parenthesis.

Black Crowes - Loins (2)
Black Keys - Lets Rock
David Bowie - Changes
David Bowie - Dancing
Charlatons UK
Mikal Cronin - Switched On
The Cure - Bloodflowers
The Cure - 17 seconds
Def Leppard - RR HoF
Mac DeMarco - Other Here
Dio - Annica (pic disc)
Drive By Truckers - Unraveling
Billie Eilish - Live (7)
Brian Eno - Rams OST
Ace Frehley - Trouble Walking (2)
Gorillaz - D Sides
Gorillaz - G Sides
Gravediggaz - Pick
Green Jelly - Triple Live
Al Green - Green Is Blues
Guided By Voices - Hold On
Hawkwind - BBC
Hawkwind - Quark (1)
Hiss Golden Messenger - 7” (1)
Brittany Howard  - Live
Elton John - Elton John
Kinks - Kronikles
Lennon/Ono - Instant Karma 7”
Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Nick Mason - See Emily Play (3)
Motorhead - Ace of Spades (2)
New Order - Peel Sessions (1)
Peur Sur La Ville (Morricone) OST 
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne 
Pogues - BBC (1)
John Prine - Atlantic Box 
Reed/Cale - Songs for Drella
Spoon - All the Weird Kids
Tyler the Creator - Cherry (Inst)
Tyler the Creator - Cherry
U2 - 11 o’clock
The Weeknd - My Dear

We'll keep you posted here and via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. See you then! In the meantime, be safe, keep your Social D, wear a mask, and wash your hands too!