Welcome to the Rediscover Records news page. Flash! This page will contain news related to Rediscover Records; new releases, new arrivals, or in-store live appearances. If you are a regular to this site, visit the "News" page often.

Corona Virus Update

On March 19th we closed down temporarily amid the COVID-19 crisis. Then on March 21st a "Shelter In Place" order was issued in the state of Illinois til April 30th with everyone to just sit tight and stay home, unless you needed basic essentials. While we consider "records" as essential (and we think you'd agree!) we are going to abide by this order and be closed til April 30th, or further notice. This really aches to be closed but we want everyone to be safe. So stay home, bunker up, quarantine, play some more records, and then when things get back to a little more normal the vinyl will sound sweeter than ever. We miss you guys. Record shoppers are special people and you guys are the best. Really. *taps heart*

While we aren't sure we can get to the post office in a prompt manner in this time, you can still purchase records or T-Shirts from the site.  May we suggest a Gift Certificate? We can get those in the mail from home or just set it aside for you at the shop for pick-up. You'll need to provide ID, but honestly, we probably know you already. See our Home Page or the "MERCH" tab to purchase a Gift Certificate of $10 or $25

Record Store Day 2020

Record Store Day 2020 is now June 20th, 2020! Due to concern with COVID-19, Record Store Day has been pushed back a couple months. Our orders are in, we hope to have plenty of great records. It'll just be a couple months later in the year. Be safe out there and we'll see you then. Wash your hands too!

We are once again a participating shop!! *Todd Chavez "Hooray!!" GIF* A few preliminary notes, we will open promptly at 8am on Record Store Day and we will post the list of RSD items will will have no later than Friday night, June 19th. We will also have the bevy of complimentary treats, coffee, sodas, and snacks throughout the day. Check back to this page and follow our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) for updates. As always, thanks.

Dollar Records are "3 for $1"

Our dollar bins are in the back section of the shop. While dollar bins are what they are, you might be surprised at some of the artists you may find there. You read it correctly! Our Dollar Records are "3 for a $1"! So get three 33-1/3rpm records for a mere 33-1/3 cents (See what we did there?) but the only catch is you must buy in 3's and even if you only find one, it's still only $1. What a deal!

We brought back our Classical and Opera Box Set!

We brought back our Classical and Opera Box Set (or do you say Bach's Set?) that is going on indefinitely. Buy any 3 Classical or Opera Box Sets for $10. They must be Classical or Opera and must be a box set. Here is a chance to think outside the Bach's! Heyo!

Less Than $5 Bucks Bin

In addition to the "Dollar Bin" there is a "Less Than $5" bin, which is located towards the back of the shop. It's always worth a little dig through. There's no hidden collectible gold in there but perhaps something decent for the price.