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Black Friday Record Store Day 2019

UPDATED 12/14/2019: Here is what is left of our Black Friday Record Store Day list. Open 7 Days a week. BFRSD are not available yet for purchase from our site but if you see something on this list we can make arrangements for purchase backchannel, pending availability. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you don't see it here, it's been purchased already. Thanks for your business on RSD as well as the other days of the year too!

Chuck Berry - Live in London

James Brown - Live at Home

Cardi B - Gansta Bitch Vol 1

Alex Chilton - My Rival

J Cole - Forest Hills Picture Disc

Czarface - Odd Czar Against

Eden - Beauty and the Beat

Liam Gallagher - Why Me (pic disc)

Jimi Hendrix - Christmas picture disc

Hold Steady - Four on Ten

Insane Clown Posse - Flip the…

Kinks - Arthur 7”

Lizzo - Coconut Oil

Paul McCartney - Home Tonight

JD McPherson - Christmas 7”

Monkees - Christmas Party

New Pornographers - 7”

Todd Rundgren - Bang Bang 7”

Joe Satriani - Surfing...

Frank Sinatra - My Way 12”

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Christmas

Sublime - Roots of Sublime

Paul Westerberg - Stereo/Mono

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Dollar Records are "3 for $1"

Our dollar bins are in the back section of the shop. While dollar bins are what they are, you might be surprised at some of the artists you may find there. You read it correctly! Our Dollar Records are "3 for a $1"! So get three 33-1/3rpm records for a mere 33-1/3 cents (See what we did there?) but the only catch is you must buy in 3's and even if you only find one, it's still only $1. What a deal!

We brought back our Classical and Opera Box Set!

We brought back our Classical and Opera Box Set (or do you say Bach's Set?) that is going on indefinitely. Buy any 3 Classical or Opera Box Sets for $10. They must be Classical or Opera and must be a box set. Here is a chance to think outside the Bach's! Heyo!

Less Than $5 Bucks Bin

In addition to the "Dollar Bin" there is a "Less Than $5" bin, which is located towards the back of the shop. It's always worth a little dig through. There's no hidden collectible gold in there but perhaps something decent for the price.