Sao Paulo - Deadstring Brothers

Sao Paulo by Deadstring Brothers

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Condition: Preowned, gently played
Label: Bloodshot Records
Label: Bloodshot Records

Excellent 2009 release, "Sao Paulo", from the always great Deadstring Brothers who hail from that great garage rock capital of the world, Detroit, MI. Here's the blurb on the jacket from Paste Magazine: "Imagine Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Gram Parsons in their primes, transplanted to Detroit, laid off at the Ford Plant, pissed off & ready to pound longnecks at the local saloon. " That description seems apt for this raw sounding rock record. There's just enough rawk and just enough twang to satisfy the palate of any alt.-country rock fan. Includes "The River Song", "Houston", "Smile" and "Adalee". A preplayed record from a well-kept collection.