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Revolver - The Beatles

Revolver by The Beatles

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Label: Parlophone
Label: Parlophone

The debate could certainly go on forever, but "Revolver" is quite possibly The Beatles crowning achievement. Then, turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream to realize that by the time this record was released, none of the Beatles were over 25 years old. Staggering. This is the reissue with the UK sequence of songs just as the Beatles intended it - with fourteen tracks. The US counterpart is missing 3 Lennon sung tracks, And Your Bird Can Sing, Doctor Robert, I'm Only Sleeping, (which were assigned to Capital's "Yesterday and Today" in the US) which made the US version to be heavy on the McCartney and Harrison side. In fact, because of Capital Records "butchering" the Beatles US albums with different songs on different albums and album titles, the Beatles created the famous "Butcher Cover" that adorned the first pressings of "Yesterday and Today" in the US. It was The Beatles statement to Capital and thus, Revolver was the last LP where the song sequences differed from the Capital US releases and the British Parlophone releases. We're not saying you have to buy them here, but for you own benefit, of the early releases up to Revolver of the Beatles catolog, find the UK versions. Thankfully, if you have the Beatles records on CD or digitally, they've corrected their wrong and released all the tunes as the Beatles intended.