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Songs: Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co.

SongsOhia by Magnolia Electric Co.

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Label: Secretly Canadian
Label: Secretly Canadian

A stunningly great record that keeps growing upon multiple listens, the reissue of The Magnolia Electric Co. Songs: Ohia. Originally released in 2003, this is the 10 year anniversary deluxe edition pressed to vinyl. We could write our own review but the sticker on the LP says it all, "The uncontested masterpiece of Jason Molina's oeuvre, The Magnolia Electric Co is a half-turn away from the Appalachia-rooted Songs: Ohia catalog. It summons the blue-collar rock of the midwest and breathes it an epic, stirring existential poetry"Includes the original album plus an album of home recorded solo demos and an exclusive 10" single featuring two never-before-heard full band recordings from the album sessions. Two more words on this: Farewell Transmission