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Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: EMI Records
Label: EMI Records

Reissue of the Pink Floyd classic, "Wish You Were Here". You may be accustomed to seeing a photo of a guy shaking some dude's hand who is in flames on the record jacket, and you would not be wrong. This is the original packing as it was in the 1970's when it was released. It was packaged in this black shrink wrap that most people just threw away as part of the packaging, is the thought. Hear all these iconic songs on this remastered 180 gram vinyl and it will be like hearing them again for the first time. It also includes any postcards, posters, or extras that may have been included back in the day. Replace that old garage sale or inherited copy you have with a pristine new one.