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The Immoralist - Elisa Ambroglio

The Immoralist by Elisa Ambroglio

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Label: Drag City
Label: Drag City
"I don't see ghosts I don't believe in 13I don't throw the tarot I don't follow astrology but I get superstitious when it comes to you and me"Begins the opening track by Elisa Ambrolio "Superstitious" and her 2014 release on the Drag City label "The Immoralist". Ambroglio wrote all the songs on this record and plays guitar and a lot of the instruments with help from Jason Quever on drums, bass, organ. Recorded largely in San Francisco, this LP also includes the songs, "Reservoir", "Clarient Queen", "Comers", "Kylie" and others. A very rootsy, organic sounding record and if you like a live sounding, if not lo-fi alternative (for lack of a better word) this may just be in your wheelhouse. The record was produced by Ambrogio and Quver. Find this and other Drag City releases in our New Vinyl racks.