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Let It Be - The Replacements

Let It Be by The Replacements

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Label: Twin Tone (Reissue)
Label: Twin Tone (Reissue)

The 1984 release from Minneapolis' own, The Replacements. While the rest of the world was living in a Material World, in the Purple Rain, or Dancing in the Dark (not horrible choices, by any means), there was a small band of fans listening to bands like The Replacements. Some will say this is their best record and they would not be wrong. This reissue contains I Will Dare (in-the-pocket guitar solo by REM's Peter Buck), Unsatisfied, Answering Machine, Androgynous, and in a little poke at MTV and video stars, Seen Your Video. The cover photo was taken on the roof of the Stinson's family home and is now somewhat of a Minneapolis tourist attraction. This album became an influence to many bands who went on to gain fame in the 90's. Count Kurt Cobain, Craig Finn, and Billy Joe Armstrong as fans, to name a few.