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Stadium Rock - Titus Andronicus

Stadium Rock by Titus Andronicus

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Label: Merge Records
Label: Merge Records

"Stickles' strange animal energy turns passive pleasure into a fight-or-flight buzz ... feel this, feel me, commune, be alive." -Willamette Week (from the hype sticker on the record) Yes, this set is culled from 5 sold out nights at Brooklyn's famed DIY venue Shea Stadium with tunes from their 3-LP rock opera "The Most Lamentable Tragedy" with Side A being includes the big hits off of TMLT, such as, "Dimed out", "I Lost My Mind" and "Fatal Flaw". Meanwhile, the B-Side of Stadium Rock offers up full-on electric versions of the acoustic side of TMLT. If you're a fan of Titus Andronicus and more importantly, a fan of TMLT, this record is a must-own.