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Simple Songs - Jim O'Rourke

Simple Songs by Jim O'Rourke

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Label: Drag City
Label: Drag City

We're super excited to have the long-awaited release from avant garde artist, singer, producer, do-er of all things cool, Jim O'Rourke! You know him from all of those things as well as his work with bands like Superchunk, Wilco, and Sonic Youth. Here are a few words from Drag City themselves, "Jim O'Rourke will explode your mind - with innuendo, allusion, insinuation and aspersion, all on the back of the deeply compelling O'Rourke-and-roll music style that made him a household pariah back in the late 90s! It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since Insignificance hit like a ton of bricks and crashed the party that Eureka had been throwing since '99, but time is clearly meaningless as Jim once again blows us all away with darkly barbed songwriting and intricate pop sonics as can ONLY be viewed through his O'Rourkeian lens." Hey thanks for all your support Rediscover Records, stop and see us again soon!