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Illuminated by Sandro Malkovich Alexandrakis

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Condition: New and Signed by Sandro
Label: Cryogenia
Label: Cryogenia

Surreal release and colaboration by Sandro Miller, John Malkovich, and Eric Alexandrakis! Sandro is originally from Elgin Illinois and a grad of Elgin High School. He stopped by himself and signed a few of these for us. See above photo. Again, surreal release with Malkovich doing spoken word pieces with accompianment by the likes of Sean and Yoko Lennon, Dweezil Zappa, Sameer Ghadia of Young the Giant and others. Sandro was involved in the photography and production of this project. We'd like to publicly thank him for signing a few records for us. Follow him on instagram at sandro_film.