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A Ghost Is Born - Wilco

A Ghost Is Born by Wilco

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Label: Nonesuch
Label: Nonesuch

With Wilco's "A Ghost Is Born" they continue to get further away from their alt-country and rock humble beginnings after the demise of Uncle Tupelo. This is not a bad thing at all, imagine if The Beatles continued to write songs like "Love Me Do" and didn't evolve into greatness like "I Am the Walrus". Perhaps Jeff Tweedy's finest hour exists on this record with "Not What You Think". While we are making Beatle comparisons, there is about 15 minutes of mindless noise on here that may remind most listeners of "Revolution #9". This, in our opinion, is where the record becomes, "A Ghost Is Bored". We just thought we'd throw that in there. We love Wilco!