Otto Klemperer - Bruckner - Otto Klemperer - Bruckner #4

Otto Klemperer - Bruckner by Otto Klemperer - Bruckner #4

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Condition: Gently Used
Label: Vox PL 11-200
Label: Vox PL 11-200
This is a very nice original record on the Vox Label. The label itself is black.  The esteemed Otto Klemperer conducts the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and Bruckner's Symphony #4 "Romantic". For you trivia buffs, Werner Klemperer of "Hogan's Heroes" fame was Otto Klemperere's son. So there you go. We have many Classical records and box sets. We are only listing a small snapshot of our collection to give you an idea of what we  have. The best way to experience our classical records is to come and bin dive yourself. Immerse yourself!