Virtue by Voidz

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Condition: PreLoved, Excellent
Label: RCA
Label: RCA

Very rare record by Voidz, which is led by Strokes' Julian Casablanca. It's his "other band"! This is the yellow pressed vinyl, which is even more rare. Upon a little research we did in March of 2023, there weren't any listings on Discogs of the Opaque Yellow vinyl (a few normal listings, but not the yellow) and completed sales from PopSike dot com (a good site for completed vinyl sales, btw, which means someone has actually bought the record, not just some crazily priced internet listing) for $276 in January 2022 and $254 in April 2022. Pictured above are the actual records included as well as the original poster. It also has the digital download card but since this is a preowned copy, we'll pretend it was already used and/or expired, but nice to have included as part of the original packaging. It's from a very well-kept collection and has just one previous owner.

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