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Sleeper - Ty Segall

Sleeper by Ty Segall

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Label: Drag City
Label: Drag City

The 2013 from Drag City recording artist, Ty Segall titled "Sleeper". Can he be more prolific? Segall is always releasing records, playing in bands, and other combinations of artist, usually with good results. This release is primarily psychedelic folk rock and written after Segall has gone through a particularly rough patch in his life, his dad passed, relationship issues, and he had been having dreams of death. Take Pitchfork for what it is (Hey let's face it, we've all used it as a reference at one point) but here is what Evan Minski wrote about "Sleeper", "Everything here easily lives in the same universe - ten tracks of similarly hued songs, all of a piece. It's his most focused album, with every song's tone easily flowing into the next, and it's also one of his best."