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Late Style by Wesley Stace

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Label: Omnivore Records
Label: Omnivore Records

Fantastic 2021 recording from Wesley Stace. He's been making great records for years and you may remember him under the moniker of John Wesley Harding. Great mix of pop songs, swing, and ballads; this set includes Where the Bands Are, All the Yous, Come Back Yesterday, Hey! Director, Your Bright Future, and others. Written primarily during the pandemic times, these songs include musicians David Nagler, Prairie Prince, Chris Von Sneidern, and Chicago stalwarts Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Conner, among others. Liner notes by Barry Gifford.

Rediscover Records is the sole record shop and/or music emporium in the entire Midwest where you can find this record. We have "two copies", as a rule, and we get them direct from Wes from a beautiful series of trades and bartering system.