Born to Dub You - Augustus Pablo

Born to Dub You by Augustus Pablo

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Label: North Parade
Label: North Parade

Regarded as one of the more influential "Dub" record producers of all time. Augustus', born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, main instrument of choice was the melodica. This ten song record includes "Stardum", "No Entry", "Believe A Dub", the title track, "Born to Dub You" and others. This is a compilation of Pablo's material. Sadly, Augustus Pablo died in 1999 at 44 years old. Another reggae record manufactured by VP Records in Jamaica, NY, the hotbed in the United States for reggae music.Note: If buying this record from our site and you are outside of the continental United States, we will have to add an additional international shipping charge/insurance (optional) that we can take care of back channel via email. Thank you.