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Rat Saw God by Wednesday

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Label: Dead Oceans Records
Label: Dead Oceans Records

Typically we write our own bios for our inventory and then other times we nick them from other places, like in this instance the distro where we ordered "Rat Saw God" from. Accurate. "Rat Saw God is an album about riding a bike down a suburban stretch in Greensboro while listening to My Bloody Valentine for the first time on an iPod Nano, past a creek that runs through the neighborhood riddled with broken glass bottles and condoms, a front yard filled with broken and rusted car parts, a lonely and dilapidated house reclaimed by kudzu. Four Lokos and rodeo clowns and a kid who burns down a corn field. Roadside monuments, church marquees, poppers and vodka in a plastic water bottle, the shit you get away with at Jewish summer camp, strange sentimental family heirlooms at the thrift stores. The way the South hums alive all night in the summers and into fall, the sound of high school football games, the halo effect from the lights polluting the darkness. It's not really bright enough to see in front of you, but in that stretch of inky void - somehow - you see everything."

References to Drive-By Truckers on this record and they opened some dates for Jason Isbell on his 2023 tour, so that's that connection too.