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24 Hour Revenge Therapy - Jawbreaker

24 Hour Revenge Therapy by Jawbreaker

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Condition: New & Sealed
Label: Blackball Records
Label: Blackball Records

The 20th anniversary edition of the rock classic by Jawbreaker, "24 Hour Revenge Therapy". Included a Digital Download and 6 Bonus Tracks recorded by Steve Albini. After grass roots circulation by word of mouth, this soon became one of the most beloved albums of Jawbreaker's devout fan base. Most of it was recorded in Chicago with Albini. The release also saw them sign with DGC and got them an opening slot for Nirvana on the "In Utero" tour. Some fans bristled, to say the least, at both of these actions. Includes "The Boat That Dreams From the Hill", "Boxcar", "Jinx Removing", "Condition Oakland" and, well, you know what is on this record. Originally released in February of 1994, this is a sealed reissue from 2014.