T-150 Crosley

Price: $ 179.98 | Buy Now
Condition: Brand Spankin' New

Sharp looking turntable that includes the speakers. Sleek black look with fine sounding speakers, no need to look elsewhere to add speakers or a soundbar, and carries a little more punch in the sound than a suitcase model. This turntable plays 33-1/3 and 45rpm records, Bluetooth capable to stream digital music via its speakers, pitch control, 30 watts of power (15 watts per speaker) and RCA jacks if you'd like to add it as a component to your stereo system. Pick this up and be playing records as soon as you set it up! Thanks for choosing Rediscover Records.

Crosley Switch II

Price: $ 169.98 | Buy Now
Condition: Brand Spankin' New

Durable as well as attractive turntable with a mid-century modern look. This turntable has all you need to be able to play record as soon as you open it and set it up from the box. Plays 33-1/3 and 45rpm records, a nice moving magnet cartridge, Bluetooth capable to stream digital music from your gadget, pitch control, headphone jack, and even AM/FM radio. Imagine this in your entertainment room... Though there is a "Buy Now" option, this is an in-store purchase only. We do not ship turntables at this time.

Star Wars Cruiser Deluxe

Price: $ 119.98 | Buy Now
Condition: New in the Box!

For the Star Wars fan in your life, obviously. A decent little unit that plays 3 speeds (33, 45, and 78rpms), pitch control, headphone jacks, internal phono amp, and RCA jacks. While we like to remind people these are not high-end audio, the fact that it's portable and all-in-one are great selling points to be able to play records right out of the box. The internal phono amp is a nice touch so that you can hook it up to a system via RCA jacks. Utilize the headphones jack to augment the sound as well. Now, let's get back to this being a Star Wars turntable. Wouldn't this look great in the den, Man Cave, a bedroom, or even the Star Wars room? We have ONE in stock and it appears like there isn't many left from where we order from. If seriously interested, I wouldn't wait too long. A great gift idea!

Crosley Traveler

Price: $ 134.98 | Buy Now
Condition: New

A great start-up to someone who is just starting to discover records or for the person who would like to Rediscover Records. It's perfect for a bedroom, dorm room, or even a dining room. Just plug it in and play records! There is no need for a stereo, amp, or speakers. It's all self-contained! Also, this record player is a 3-speed player, which means you can play 45's (the little records with the big hole in them), 33rpm LP's (LP = Long Playing) and old scratchy 78's. Those are the big 10 inch records that are really old school. If you buy here, we usually sweeten the deal with a gently used record just as a "thank you". Support your local small businesses. Though there is a "Buy Now" button, these are in-store purchases only.

Crosley Portfolio

Price: $ 119. 98 | Buy Now
Condition: New

Another great addition to the long line of Crosley record player products. A sharp looking suitcase all-in-one model with stereo speakers, Bluetooth Enabled, a moving magnetic cartridge, Pitch Control, USB enabled (transfer your records to your computer!), a headphone jack, and auxiliary outputs to plug this record player into a stereo system or even the modern convenience of a sound bar! Even with all these amenities, all you need to play records is to open the box, set up a few things, and you'll be playing records by this afternoon. No other components are needed, it's just that simple. Though there is a "Buy Now" button, these are in-store purchases only.

Crosley C6

Price: $ 159.98 | Buy Now
Condition: New - Red or Black Plinth

Outstanding component model turntable from our friends at Crosley. 2-speed, high end components to make this an outstanding introductory turntable as well as an upgrade it you entry point was a suitcase all-in-one model. Solid plinth is black or red (shown) with adjustable weight on the tonearm and the P-Mount style cartridge to if you wanted to upgrade to an even higher grade cartridge and needle. The needle are the turntable as is is a fine specimen, but we know how it is, we've done it, sometimes you just want that much more of a truer sound with a better cartridge and needle. This has that upgrade capability. Built-in phono amp for more options for connecting this to a stereo or a sound bar/sound system. Really, this is a nice enough turntable, it could possibly be the last one you ever seek out. Though there is a "Buy Now" button, these are in-store purchases only.

Audio Technica ATLP60

Price: $ 119.98 | Buy Now
Condition: New

The dependable Audio Technica ATLP60 turntable is a great turntable for the price. It's a lot of bang for the buck. This is a belt drive turntable with a dynamic balance tonearm. It is fully automatic with 45 and 33 speeds and it comes with an adapter to play 45's. Also, includes built-in phono pre-amp. Keep in mind you do need a stereo to play this turntable. It's not autonomous as some plug-in and play models that you may see. We are currently not shipping turntables. The best thing to do is come into the store and pick one up! We have it in stock and if we are out, we can order one and usually have it here on the next business day (if ordered before 2pm). Though there is a "Buy Now" button, these are in-store purchases only.